Day 113 (21 October 2010) – Small World

Meet Tina, one of Chloe’s friends from the University of Nantes. Get this. Tina graduated from Newport High School in Bellevue (just outside of Seattle) and attends the University of Washington. She is in Nantes for a semester studying French. But get this even more. She lives about block from Melinda’s parents in Seattle at a sorority at UW. Crazy, I know. Chloe came all the way to France only to have one of her best friends here live within walking distance of us in Seattle.

Another friend, Hillary, provided today’s picture. After they found out their classes at school had been canceled due to the ongoing demonstrations, Chloe, Tina and Hillary decided to head into town for lunch. Like everyone else trying to move along Line 2 of the tram into town, they had to get out at the site of this demonstration and walk two tram stops to connect with another tram. They stopped their walk long enough to take this picture, which they describe as being very “touristy.”

To learn more about today’s demonstrations along Line 2, I offer you this translated link to the local paper. In the spirit of it being a small world, the picture that accompanies the article was taken outside of Ella’s school, maybe 1/4 mile from where Tina & Chloe posed for this picture. For those that are interested, that’s Ella’s school tram stop in the background of the newspaper photo.

Your thoughts?

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