Day 120 (28 October 2010) – “Best Hot Chocolate in the World”

So said Chloe this afternoon as she took a sip of what I think would better be called chocolate soup. Ella, Melinda and I were quick to agree.

Now I could be posting a photo of the girls standing in front of the Mona Lisa, or one of several other photos we took today inside or outside of the Louvre. But the highlight of the day was clearly the chocolat chaud at Angelina along the Rue Rivolet next to the Louvre. So some people look for the art in things like famous paintings and sculptures etc, etc. And others, like us, think art comes in a cup and is sipped while in good company. Really, you have to understand the quality of this hot chocolate. You know that exceptional cup that leaves some unmelted chocolate in the bottom of your cup and you treat it like a delightful candy surprise? You have to use a spoon to scoop it up and then tasting it you are in taste bud heaven? That’s what this entire hot chocolate was like. Ella said she wants it instead of a birthday cake in December, to which I said that I think it’s thick enough for candles to stand up in it.

We each ordered a cup and it was delivered in two pitchers with two sides of freshly whipped cream. Remember that 70’s era ketchup commercial to the tune of “Anticipation?” That’s what I was humming as Ella poured her first cup.

Your thoughts?

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