Day 134 (11 November 2010) – Stormy Weather

Here in France, and in many parts of the world, it is Armistice Day, a national holiday. At the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, World War I officially ended. If the weather was not so blustery, Melinda and I would have taken my parents to a WWI memorial in town. Instead, we’ll save that for another day.

What we did do is ride the tram out to Leclerc for another round of shopping. Plans are in the work for my mom to make a couple of apple pies, something for which she is famous in my family. Melinda made the request and my mom is eager to fill it. Last night they put together the shopping list and then around noon today, with Chloe and Ella snug at home, we ventured out into the rain and wind. I had no idea that ingredients for an apple pie included jeans for my mom, slippers for my dad, and some small wheeled suitcases for Melinda, the girls and me to use in December. I’m pretty sure apples are among the ingredients. Thank goodness we remembered those.

Today’s photo was taken while we were waiting for the tram to take us home. The wind kicked up and the rain came down and this photo opportunity presented itself. Three weather-beaten logs. They seem happy enough (getting Al to smile in a photo takes some work, let me tell you – it could be the Paris-Turf newspaper he has stashed securely under his jacket that did the trick).

We’re heading to the Boudeaus for dinner tonight, Frédérique and Laurent having extended the invitation upon hearing my parents would be visiting. I’m posting early as I don’t think we’ll be home until late.

5 thoughts on “Day 134 (11 November 2010) – Stormy Weather

  1. I hope I don’t get usurped as Ella’s favorite chili. It would devalue my uncle status tremendously

  2. Gosh, it’s fun to see Carib and Al absolutely, totally enjoying being with family in Nantes. They look really really well, too … the younger Smallmans must be good medicine. Sounds like a good time is being had by all!

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