Day 146 (23 November 2010) – An Adventure!

Once upon a time a wife took her husband on an adventure. Their children were busy doing scholastic things so she thought the grown-ups should have fun. She suggested they go to Ikea! She wanted to buy cloth napkins because two days later people would be coming to their house to experience an American Thanksgiving dinner. The husband wasn’t excited to go to Ikea and groaned, “Maybe I’ll just head back home. Or we could go to the library instead!” The wife teased him in reply, “Maybe I’ll just head back home when you go the library.” But she was smart. She said, “We could try some different buses to take us to Ikea. Look here at the map. We could take bus #80 and then bus #73. It’s a sunny day. It will be an adventure!”

And that’s what they did. They rode on bus #80 all the way through the city of Orvault. And then they got off bus #80 and got on bus #73. It took them almost all the way to Atlantis. No, not the underwater city. The shopping mall on the edge of Nantes where Ikea is located. They went inside and ate lunch at the Ikea restaurant and the wife bought the husband a glass of rosé wine.

And so they lived happily ever after they got back home.

7 thoughts on “Day 146 (23 November 2010) – An Adventure!

  1. Andy, Next to the postman-rainy day for locals post, this rings true for me. I can handle (and enjoy) the public transportation but please don’t put me up to an IKEA trip, oh the humanity…but you did end up with a nice glass of rose. happy thanksgiving to you Greg

  2. There is no such thing as a nice glass of Rose’, Brenda and Andy, as a beer guy, needs to do better when he goes in the grape product genre

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