Day 151 (28 November 2010) – Nantes at Night

Nantes has been decorated for the holidays! A couple of days ago I mentioned the “Christmas Village” that has been set up. You know, all kinds of little holiday shops created for the shoppers to browse, each with its own unique seasonal theme. The way they’re set up, each with its red paint and holiday theme and each being so small, has caused Chloe and her friends to refer to them as “elf houses.”

In addition to these shops, the city has also gone to some trouble to put up holiday lights. I’ll likely blog about again but I really want to mention how pretty and festive it is. Today’s photo was taken last night soon after we got off the train from Angers. We decided to walk around town before catching the tram home. I got the girls and Melinda to pause for a minute so I could take this picture.

For added festive measure, the weather joined in this afternoon and we got a lovely little snow shower. For a couple of hours it was coming down in beautiful large flakes, ideal for this time of year. Chloe, Melinda and I were on the tram during this time and Chloe remarked to my amusement, “Take that, Seattle!” Yes, it may be crazy. But we really like the snow.

One thought on “Day 151 (28 November 2010) – Nantes at Night

  1. Nantes can have the snow. It isn’t as hilly as Seattle. Our snow this week stopped everything. I really like it in the mountains. The skiers were treated to early opening this year.

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