Day 172 (19 December 2010) – Makeovers

Imagine being 4 years-old and getting some serious attention from your 17 year-old cousin who you’ve been excited to see. The two of you are living in the same apartment in Paris (that’s in France, in case you don’t know, which is very far from your home) for a week and you’ve noticed that your cousin spends a lot of time getting ready each day. You refer to this as “wiping her face.” This fascinates you. So when this 17 year-old cousin offers to “wipe your face,” you can hardly stand it, you are so excited.

Such was the case on Friday night when 4 year-old Perrin was asked by 17 year-old Chloe if she’d like a “makeover.” I have a hunch that this makeover was one-of-a-kind. It involved Perrin entering Chloe’s (and Ella’s) room and getting a peak into Chloe’s world. AND it involved having this “makeover” while watching the classic holiday program “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” on Chloe’s laptop.

I intruded in order to take a few photos and was told, in no uncertain terms, that this was for “girls only.” Greg decided to test this “rule” and was given the same response. Humph. We know when we’re not wanted, although we are wondering if we’d be allowed in if we asked to have our faces wiped. Given Chloe’s sense of humor, we might end up looking like Rudolph and the joke would be on us!

Your thoughts?

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