Day 177 (24 December 2010) – Christmas Eve

Soon after we got all the plans solidified for the sabbatical, Melinda’s parents started working out the details that would make it possible for the entire Shaw family to spend Christmas in France. We have spent the last several Christmas Eves at Melinda’s and my house in Seattle, and tonight are more than thrilled to continue the tradition in Nantes.

I’m writing just past 9pm and the rest of the family is waiting for me to join them. We just finished dinner and are about to open presents, the Shaw family tradition being to open family gifts on Christmas Eve.

As such, tonight’s post is purposefully brief and filled with nothing but holiday cheer.

Merry Christmas from Nantes!!

3 thoughts on “Day 177 (24 December 2010) – Christmas Eve

  1. We had our Christmas celebration early (last night) as our grandchildren and my daughter have to fly back to Ohio on Christmas day. We took a picture similar to yours with my son’s family, my daughter’s family and of course the reigning couple – Dad and Mom! Beef Wellington was the centerpiece of our wonderful meal. I will try to send you our photo on your website. I love kibbitzing on your adventures in France. Thank you for letting me be a little part of your wonderful and intimate adventures.

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