Day 181 (28 December 2010) – Dejeuner Chez Les Boudeau

Frédérique and Laurent invited us over for a wonderful French lunch today. Trying to express in words the gourmet meal served by Frédérique, complemented by the incredible wines chosen and served by Laurent, would not begin to give the meal its just due. Let me just say that we were treated like royalty, down to the Boudeaus sharing with us some of their most special wines that are served only on the most significant of occasions.

So instead of telling you about the meal, let me say that it was tremendous fun watching Perrin play with some of Manon’s old toys. Manon had packed away a couple of Barbies and related accessories, and Perrin lit up with delight at the opportunity to play with them. Before long, Chloe, Manon, Ella and Perrin were all playing. I suggested to Romain that he join in (I mean there was even a Ken available if gender concern was what was stopping him), but he really wasn’t having it. Then I learned that he wasn’t feeling too well. That certainly explained things.

After lunch Greg set up his camera’s timer to take this group photo. We missed out including Annabelle as she had to leave by then. Take a close look at Chloe. That’s her new haircut, done just today at the place where Manon gets her hair done. I won’t say anything about which hair she had cut or my offer to cut her hair, any of them, for less than what she (read: we) paid. No, I won’t mention that.

Your thoughts?

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