Day 197 (13 January 2011) – “Who is It?”

Okay, so someone comes knocking on your door. A little nervous, you don’t answer and instead say, “Who is it?” From the other side of the door a mumbling response comes, “Plumber.” You say, “I didn’t call for a plumber,” to which you get a reply of, “Pizza.” But you didn’t order a pizza and say so. In response and from the other side of the door you hear, “Flowers.” Flowers!? No one ever sends you flowers so you excitedly open the door, only to be devoured by a land shark. A land shark is, of course, nothing more than a person standing upright wearing the top of a shark costume. It’s a classic “Saturday Night Live” skit from the 1970’s, a fabulous spoof of the movie “Jaws.” You can see it here.

As you may have gathered, many things make me think of 1970’s American TV so when I walked into our neighborhood grocery store and saw this particular display being created, I thought of the old Land Shark sketch. I almost laughed out loud, right there in the grocery store. I think it was odd enough for folks to see me taking a picture of it. But laughing, too? That may have been too much.

Speaking of people knocking on the door, neighbor John came by this morning to check on me. He didn’t devour me, nor scare me in any way. We chatted for about 30 minutes and he gave me a couple of wrapped presents for Chloe and Ella, the kind man that he is.

Your thoughts?

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