Day 222 (7 February 2011) – Mr. Dixon & Miss Johnson

Look who we found walking along the Erdre in Nantes! That’s Mr. Pete Dixon on the left, the idealistic social studies teacher at Walt Whitman High in Los Angeles. Next to him is his student teacher, Miss Alice Johnson. Talk about idealistic! She can hardly see straight her glasses are so rose-colored.

What a surprise it was to see Pete and Alice in Nantes in 2011, especially since their hip TV show was cancelled back in 1974. Ah, do you remember those Friday night glory days of 1970, home on a Friday night after a week at school, hanging out with the Bradys and singing with the Partridges before getting that week’s morality lesson from Mr. Dixon? Somehow fish sticks and oven-heated french fries factored in. Can you say Swanson?

It feels appropriate to honor the number 222 today so with that I present today’s post. For more context, please enter your time machine and visit August 31, 2010.

4 thoughts on “Day 222 (7 February 2011) – Mr. Dixon & Miss Johnson

    1. Well, you are mixing programs and I don’t recall a sweathog in Mr. Dixon’s class. But you can be whoever you want to be. I certainly remember you having Vinnie Barbarino’s hair.

  1. you are right—I was mixing programs—I guess all those sitcom classrooms look the same to me

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