Day 244 (1 March 2011) – It Must Be Hard…

… but someone has to do it and I took my turn today. This arty self-portrait was taken this afternoon at about 3:30. I was doing my part by sitting at a sidewalk café in Paris across the street from the Opéra. I was eating mousse au chocolat and sipping a Perrier garnished with a lemon wedge. I know, I know. It’s a tough job doing what I was doing. But I think today I was just the right person for it. Another day it will be your turn, I’m sure, and don’t go ducking the responsibility. We each need to do our part. As they say, “many hands make light work.”

You may be wondering what Melinda and the girls were up to while I was making the world safe for democracy, or however you want to reference my heroic efforts today. Well, they were doing their part, too, shopping for clothes a couple of blocks away from where I sat, not far from the Galleries Lafayette.

To add to my burden I had to sit under an electric heater that necessitated the removal of my scarf. All things considered, if anyone feels the need to send me their condolences, feel free to do so below using the comments section.

4 thoughts on “Day 244 (1 March 2011) – It Must Be Hard…

  1. I’ve got my tiniest, tiniest violin out for you, Andy, as clearly you have a VERY rough life over there in Paris! (Now if you’d said you’d gone shopping with the girls – I might have had a tiny bit of sympathy. :P)

  2. Ahh, Andy. Well done and saving democracy too especially while the girls are out shopping. Next time try the Cafe de Flore tot le Matin maybe you will find the ghost of Hemmingway.

  3. you forgot to mention that you were having the dessert and beverage to celebrate Nebraska statehood day

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