Day 255 (12 March 2011) – La Voiture Magique

This photo is from Tuesday night when the 8 of us went out for the cheese-related dinner I mentioned before (and of which I still plan to post a picture here – perhaps next week). The title of today’s post refers to two things, the fact that all 8 of us all fit into the Boudeau’s car that night (see the picture for a little story about HOW we all fit into the Boudeau’s car), and the fact that on the day we arrived in France last July, with all of ours huge bags, we managed to fit everyone and our bags in two cars, mostly because the car in today’s picture is the MAGIC CAR (la voiture magique).

Actually, la voiture magique has another name, le Taxi Boudeau being the other. This has to do with all the times Laurent has schlepped us around. For instance, when we arrived in Les Carroz last Saturday, Laurent met us at the bus stop. He pulled up on the curb to pick up us and our bags, hopped out of the car and exclaimed, “Taxi Boudeau!” A police officer heard this exclamation and came over to inquire about Laurent’s status as a taxi driver, given his car is not so marked. Laurent had to do some fast-talking.

So, yes, the car is both magic (think Hermione’s bag in the recent Harry Potter movie) and a taxi. But the magic all stems from the quality of the Boudeaus as a family. Just look at the big smiles on Manon’s and Romain’s faces, only too happy to be crammed in the back of the car. The big question Laurent and I had upon our return to the Les Carroz apartment on Tuesday night was whether or not we should let them out again. They looked so happy back there.

Your thoughts?

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