Day 260 (17 March 2011) – Que se passe-t-il donc ici ?

That’s the first line Ella has to perform tomorrow in a very short school play in her French class (which is like an English class in the US, you know). Partners were chosen and each duo wrote their own script. Ella’s teacher both wisely and generously allowed her to be part of a three-person team, understanding that the exercise was a little over her head. So Ella’s two partners wrote the script and included three lines for her to memorize and recite. They were rehearsing today.

So just what is Ella saying? Well, if I understand it correctly, this first line means, “What’s going on here?” To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what’s happening in their play (making this line quite apt for me to say, perhaps). I think it may have something to do with a handbag or a wallet or a purse or something. Apparently Ella’s character doesn’t think much of this item as her second line is, “Cette pochette ridicule.” (This bag is ridiculous.) But her best line is the last one, which she is supposed to deliver with an angry tone. She says, “Il y a des choses inutiles et imbécile, comme vous!” (It is something useless and stupid, like you!).

In the foreground of today’s photo is the handwritten script tucked neatly in Ella’s school binder. She looked up from reading Harry Potter fan fiction (or something like it) on her iPad for me to snap this picture.

2 thoughts on “Day 260 (17 March 2011) – Que se passe-t-il donc ici ?

  1. i suppose there are not Irishmen there to acknowledge that today is St. Patrick’s day.
    Everyone around here is wearing their green or getting told to find some.

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