Day 262 (19 March 2011) – Stars of the Game

Yes, I know I’m posting late today and I apologize to anyone who has had her/his schedule thrown off because of it. Months ago my mother-in-law told me she became worried if I didn’t post to the blog by a certain hour. Since then I’ve tried to be timely, thinking others may worry, too. In truth, I’m sure she is the only one.

I am pleased to report that Laurent accompanied me to tonight’s hockey playoff game (today’s photo was taken between the second & third periods near the concession stand, where we had ventured to buy a beer). Melinda and Frédérique opted instead to go to Ikea, a decision that I think will be flagged at Canadian customs should either try to visit Canada any time in the future. I tried to warn them, but Ikea still won out. In terms of the game, it was a good one. Nantes scored 22 seconds in and was the better team throughout, but had to settle for a 5-5 tie. Now you North American hockey purists will be asking how a playoff hockey game can end in a tie, maybe even lamenting the fact that I was denied sudden death overtime (one of the greatest expressions in sports parlance). But in the Quarter Finals here in France it’s a two games series, with the team with the most goals after the two games moving on. So tonight it was Game One and a 5-5 tie, the old “kissing your sister” result.

Of great entertainment was the announcement of the Stars of the Game. Moments after the game ended, the teams each lined up on their respective bluelines and the *best* player from each team was announced. As it was made, a young woman walked out on the ice to present awards to each player for being chosen. What do you think the award was? Remember, we’re in France… A bottle of wine, of course.

Your thoughts?

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