Day 279 (5 April 2011) – It’s a Sign!

Perhaps I should have titled today’s post, “A Sign From Above,” given the significance (SIGNificance) of the progress made today on our little neighborhood grocery store’s facelift. The poor store has been virtually nameless for something like two months. No more! We now know where we shop, the U Express!

Also, considering the significance (SIGNificance) of the photo and its supposed thousand word value, I thought about posting nothing but a title and this picture. But I’m just a chatty sort of fella so here I am explaining myself.

Say, if a picture is worth a thousand words and the sign in this picture has 5 words, does that makes this picture worth 1005 words? And do duplicates count (or single letters, like “U”)? Do some photos try to up their word count, like kids in schools working on word-count essays?

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “I wish he’d just posted the photo and a title.”

3 thoughts on “Day 279 (5 April 2011) – It’s a Sign!

  1. big issue is thought that European interest rates may be going up later this week—once that happens, you may get a little bit of relief, but I don’t think you will get much before you are back here

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