Day 290 (16 April 2011) – Kind Living

I’ve mentioned several times that Melinda & I are collaborating on an Internet project called Kind Living. It builds on the success of my popular online kindness classes that have gained a certain amount of notoriety over the last year and a half. We’ve build a website and I post stories to a blog several times each week.

Well, the project has gained a little momentum since we started it two weeks ago, enough to gain the attention of a radio program called Get Real based in Minneapolis. I was asked to be a guest on their program today, the subject being kindness. It was all arranged for me to call in from Nantes at 6pm today, which I did, only to find that we had the time change messed up. They wanted me on an hour earlier. Bummer!

I was looking forward to the interview and talking about today’s Kind Living blog entry, seen on the computer screen in today’s photo. It’s a love letter to Melinda, complete with a picture of her on a flying trapeze. Yup, that’s Melinda.

Your thoughts?

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