Day 306 (2 May 2011) – Roaming Wasn’t Finished in a Day

Today was our last full day in Cinque Terre. Melinda and I left Chloe and Ella to gather up some slight sunburns on the tiny beach in Vernazza, taking the train to Riomaggiore, the first of the five towns in Cinque Terre (Vernazza is considered #4). We walked around Riomaggiore for a while, along the way picking up some produce (from boxes all labeled “Melinda”) at a small market. We walked to the next town, Manarola, along what is called “Via Dell’Amore” (Pathway of Love). It’s a breathtakingly beautiful walk and the day was perfect for it.

At Manarola Melinda & I ate lunch at a restaurant recommended by Rick Steves, having a fish soup that was delicious. We then caught the train at Manarola back to Vernazza, rescued the girls from the sun and then relaxed together for the rest of the afternoon. Highlights included watching a little boy kick a soccer ball with his grandmother and climbing the castle once used by city residents to spot invading pirates (I think Barry Bonds had already defected to San Francisco).

I took today’s photo as we were returning to our attic, the girls pausing on the final few stairs. There are 83 of them (I counted), though not all are circular like this.

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