Day 327 (23 May 2011) – Update on the Babysitter Americaine III

Here is the third installment in the ongoing serial, “The Babysitter Americaine.”

When we last checked in, it was November. The nights were long and the days were chilly. On this particular day in November it was rainy, windy AND chilly (and we had chili for dinner!). My parents were in town and Chloe’s charges, Zacharie and Luce, were younger (that’s how it works, you know).

When we first checked in, Chloe hadn’t yet secured the job taking care of Zacharie and Luce. In fact, she was just putting together the flyer that got posted in neighborhood stores. What a bonanza this turned out to be for her, especially with this family. They live within walking distance, the mom speaks excellent English, the kids are over-the-top adorable and the work, combined with her other jobs, has earned Chloe enough money to pay for her tuition this year at the University of Nantes, as I recently mentioned.

Today’s photo actually comes from yesterday. Chloe had a rare Sunday afternoon with Zacharie and Luce and brought them over to our house. After they made chocolate chip cookies, we all went in the pool to play (that’s Luce in Chloe’s arms and Clare nearby). Chloe had one of those grand realizations about being responsible for kids. Taking a 4 year-old AND a 6 year-old into a pool is not easy. But let me just say – those kids had FUN!

3 thoughts on “Day 327 (23 May 2011) – Update on the Babysitter Americaine III

  1. Bon anniversaire monsieur! (does it count, even if the date of the post is not the date of your birthday?)

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