Day 342 (7 June 2011) – What I’ve Been Doing

I had hoped to provide some interesting posts of what Melinda and Ella were doing on their little two day vacation (they get back tonight). But Melinda hasn’t been able to send me any photos and, well, no photo, no blog posting.

I WILL say that they’ve spent their two days on the Île de Ré riding bikes. Ella reported that she’s a little sore in an area that gets sore when riding a bike for something like 7 hours in one day. They haven’t spotted Johnny Depp despite having heard he is a frequent visitor. Melinda has mentioned several times that we should move there, and I don’t think it’s because of Johnny Depp. Anyway, it will be fun to see their photos and get caught up properly when they get home.

Meanwhile, I’ve spent the last two days more or less working on the computer. As a Washington state certified teacher I am required to earn “clock hours,” 150 every five years, to keep my certificate up-to-date. I signed up for a 60 clock hour class on “web technology.” So I’ve been studying things like wikis, RSS, Google apps, and the like. Here, you can look at the kindness wiki I made as part of today’s assignment (feel free to add to it, please!). And today’s photo is of me with my iGoogle page, complete with RSS, Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Aren’t I savvy? Or maybe just a little silly to be using valuable sabbatical days on things like this…

Your thoughts?

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