Day 345 (10 June 2011) – Let’s Play Hidden Pictures

Inside this photo try to find:

A rear view mirror
A driver
Two passengers
Two visors
A windshield
The hint of a steering wheel

How did you do?? Did you notice anything about these items? That’s right, they’re all parts of a car, specifically the one we rented today! You see, tomorrow we are following Christine & Bernard (and kids) to Normandy to see, among other things, the D-Day beaches. Bernard’s parents live nearby and we’ll all be staying with them until Monday. I’m really looking forward to it!

One thing of which to be aware, there is no Internet at the house so there may be a delay in posting to the blog. We’ll see how that all shakes down once we’re there. Worst case – I get caught up with my postings on Tuesday. But I promise to write them every day all the same. Deal?

Oh, that second passenger? There’s me in the passenger seat, of course (where would Melinda be but behind the wheel?). And Chloe, the photographer, can be seen in the rear view mirror.

3 thoughts on “Day 345 (10 June 2011) – Let’s Play Hidden Pictures

  1. At least the French drive on the “correct” side of the car/road! Enjoy your long weekend (although isn’t this whole YEAR a long weekend, so to speak? :P)

  2. as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
    ~ Nelson Mandela

    I love this quote… makes me think of you and your wonderful family… you can figure out how.

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