Day 349 (14 June 2011) – Angerville

You may need to click on the photo to see it better. Doing so enlarges it, a picture taken yesterday of our rental car’s GPS screen. And before going any further, let me just tell you how infatuated Melinda and I became with this nifty little tool. It’s like driving and playing a video game at the same time, which, incidentally, I’m not advocating anyone do on a literal basis…

Anyway, Angerville. So there we were, driving in Normandy to Bernard’s parents’ house on Saturday, and up on the video game, err, GPS screen came the word “Angerville.” It made me laugh out loud. As Chloe said, we spent some time in Nice, why not Angerville? Turns out, though, that it never really worked into our plans to make a stop. I kept picturing the four of us next to a sign of the town name, each of us with an angry scowl on our faces. The blog posting title would have been something like, “If this isn’t Angerville, I don’t know what is.”

But in hindsight, it’s probably best we didn’t go to Angerville. I mean, we probably go there metaphorically often enough, right? So not visiting this town can have a metaphorical purpose, too. “Hey, Melinda, you aren’t planning on making a stop in Angerville, are you?”

Think about it. Wouldn’t YOU rather go around Angerville than making a stop there? Program your personal GPS accordingly.

Your thoughts?

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