Day 358 (23 June 2011) – Nantes Walking Tour

This morning, soon after we finished our jog home from dropping off Ella at school, Melinda suggested that she & I finish the walking tour of Nantes we started months ago. I had found online an English language guided tour of the city (go listen to it yourself – it’s fun and less than 25 minutes in audio, longer if you’re doing the actual walking part of the tour) when we first arrived. We each put it on an iPod and off we went. But back then we got both sidetracked and a little bit lost. Knowing Nantes better now, and feeling a bit nostalgic for when we first arrived, we decided to follow it today, and from the start.

Today’s photo comes just outside the Passage Pommeraye, the fifth stop on the tour. Note the earbuds and looks of concentration as we learn about the history of what they refer to as an “arcade.” I wrote about it before on March 24. And you’ll see that the doors are open so we were able to enter but didn’t. You see, we’re pretty familiar with this place. The delicious little pastries I wrote about on Monday, the kouignettes, were purchased just inside the entrance on the left (if my big head wasn’t in the way you could see the shop).

We had a great time on the tour and felt so much more aware and informed about Nantes this time around. Let me know if you take the time to listen to the tour. And use the search on the right to look up some of the stops by name. You’ll see which I’ve blogged about.

One thought on “Day 358 (23 June 2011) – Nantes Walking Tour

  1. Your posts really make me want to visit Nantes someday. We have eleven in the house this week, but I will listen to the tour tape next week when I’m relaxing1

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