Day 362 (27 June 2011) – “French Culture Class” w/Ella

With Friday having been Ella’s last day of school, today became her first day of summer vacation (she & I don’t count the weekend). And since she has been so busy with school, seeing how long school days are in France, plus homework, plus just wanting to be home and re-charge her English-speaking battery after hours of hearing French, she’s missed out on some of the ordinary things the rest of us have done in Nantes. We’re going to use some of our remaining time in France to rectify that, dubbing these “French Culture Class.”

Today’s lesson involved taking Ella to Leclerc, the huge grocery store at the end of our neighborhood tram line. We took the caddy, of course, and made her pull it. We showed her how you have to use a coin (or a fake coin) to get a shopping cart. We showed her how to use the self-scan device as you put your items in your cart. Of all the things involved in a trip to Leclerc, I think Ella liked scanning the groceries the best.

Today’s photo is of the three of us going down the escalator to the parking lot and toward the tram stop after having finished our shopping trip. All things considered, including the huge mirror, I thought the shot came out kind of nice, even arty.

Maybe I’ll incorporate some photography into upcoming lessons, things like how to try to roll your R’s without success, how to have the kind bakery women give you French lessons, and the importance of remembering that most stores are closed on Sundays.

Your thoughts?

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