Day 364 (29 June 2011) – Ella, Eggs & Zucchini Bread

So about an hour ago Ella came outside to where I was just getting out of the pool (rough life, I know) and announced that she wanted to bake something. After considering various possibilities with Melinda, she settled on zucchini bread. She checked online for a recipe and together, we cross-referenced the ingredients with what we have in the kitchen. Turns out we were missing two items, eggs & zucchini.

Off we went to the neighborhood grocery store, the U Express, what I’ve come to refer to as our pantry, so close is it to our house. Regarding the eggs, it is interesting to note that they are not kept refrigerated in French grocery stores. You find them on regular shelves, much as you do canned goods. Of further interest, they are usually next to the milk, also not refrigerated but sterilized in plastic bottles that need to be stored in the frig after they are opened. Today’s photo is of Ella in front of said shelf.

Let it be known that we couldn’t stop at buying just the two missing ingredients. We also bought breakfast cereal (Golden Grahams, if you’re interested), Milka chocolate that makes Chloe go a little nutty, a mango, and I let Ella talk me into buying her some yogurt with chocolate chips.

2 thoughts on “Day 364 (29 June 2011) – Ella, Eggs & Zucchini Bread

  1. My daughter made supper for us all on her last night here (last night). It is always wonderful for me to eat someone else’s cooking, but the big surprise was her piece de resistance – homemade banana nut bread. Yummy!!

  2. They have yogurt with chocolate chips!? Why did no one show me this glorious thing when I was in Nantes??!

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