Buddies (Day 365 + 19)

July 19, 2011

BuddiesAll the other images for this month I’ve been manipulating with an online photo enhancer called Be Funky (I’ve been using the “Underpainting” feature found in the “Artsy Effects” section, if you’re interested). I decided that today’s photo deserved to be left as it is. Actually, I didn’t want Melinda telling me that I messed up such a good photo.

This photo is from last Thursday, July 14, when we went with the Bertails to see the Bastille Day fireworks in Nantes. I suggested to Melinda & Christine that they pose for me so I could have a picture of them together. Seconds after I took this one, Christine leaned over and planted a big fat smooch on Melinda’s cheek. I was late getting THAT photo. If I had gotten it, you can bet I would be using that on the blog.

For Melinda, it goes without saying the importance Christine has in her life. I mentioned recently that she is easily the best friend Melinda has made since we’ve been married. Beginning last summer when Melinda helped Christine with her kitchen remodel, the two have spent hours together. Right now they are involved in a series of workouts each morning. I’m sure they plan to continue this with Skype or something.

A year ago today we rented bikes in Pornichet and I snapped of picture of Melinda riding away from a bakery with a baguette poking out of the top of her backpack…
Day 19 (19 July 2010) – Bikes!

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