Welcome Home

July 29, 2011

When I was a little kid and my family was on our way home from a vacation, I’d have this crazy image pop into my head. We’d be in the car, having driven for hours, and be nearing the house. I could hardly wait to turn the corner onto our street, sure that the neighbors would have put up signs welcoming us home. They might even be out in their yards, smiling and waving as we drove past.

So imagine my pleasure yesterday when we got home and found this poster up in our Seattle house.

Yes, we are safe and snug back home. Time-wise, from the point leaving the Boudeaus on Thursday morning at 5am (Nantes time) to walking inside our house just before 8pm (Seattle time), we had been traveling for 24 straight hours. With the 9 hour time difference factored in, our Thursday lasted 33 hours.

Graphically, it felt like someone had taken both ends of the day and pulled on them, just like you’d do with some Silly Putty. It got long and thin, and even cracked in a few places. But overall it stayed together.

Note, I am going to continue to post daily here on the blog, sharing about our transition back to Seattle. Look for that to begin tomorrow.

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Day 29 (29 July 2010) – Yes, We Have Children

Oh, by the way, it never happened. None of our neighbors ever put up a sign.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. That reminds me of when one of my kids was home sick for a day (I think it was Tynor), and he asked me if I thought his friends at school were making a “welcome back!” banner for him because he’d been gone. 🙂

  2. Happy to know you’re home again … but did i ever enjoy your reports from Nantes.! Thank you so much for letting us in on your wonderful adventure.

    ‘Lyn Lambert

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