Back at Work

At one point today I said to Melinda something to the effect of, “Exactly one week ago we were watching an episode of “Freaks & Geeks” in our house in France with Bernard & Christine.” It was a fun recollection, and Melinda noted I had said something similar while watching the program a week ago, that in exactly a week we’d be at work.

So, yes, we’re back at work. It was easy to imagine that we had been at school just last month. In fact, I commented to Steve, a co-worker, that I could be convinced that it was late June, 2010 and we were wrapping up the school year with the teaching staff. This seems to be the biggest part of my adjustment, recognizing that a whole year has past without me present. Well that and the whole jet lag thing.

The other insight I had into being back at work was just how many nitty-gritty details there are to being an educator. When present every day you are able to manage them. Having so many of them shared in a short time is a little difficult.

Steve snapped today’s photo at 4pm, just as we were all leaving. I hope my French readers take note of the Picard bag I’m holding. By the way, Steve used my French cellphone (now working solely as a camera) to take the picture. The time on it said 1:06am. Yes, the time in France.

2 thoughts on “Back at Work

  1. You look just as happy as you did in France. Have they found you a small office space somewhere in the school?

  2. I have been on sabbatical in England for over 30 years now just because I didn’t want to re-adjust to returning…

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