Look, it’s Dana (Pt. 2)!

I used this title back on April 11 when our friend Dana came to visit us in Nantes. Seeing as I had lunch with her today and we hadn’t seen her since April, the title seemed apt again.

To put things in further perspective, Dana is the PSCS board president and there is a school board meeting tonight (in fact, Melinda & I are about to leave for it). Dana had contacted me a couple of weeks ago to suggest that we meet in advance of the meeting, always a good idea for the school director and board president to do. We met at one of my favorite restaurants, Chaco Canyon Organic Café, a healthy walk from our house and across the street from where PSCS used to be. I had us pose in front of the community bricks that decorate one wall, pointing at the one that represents the school.

In terms of adjusting, jet lag continues to grab hold of me. Today it was at 4am, the time I awoke and then could not get back to sleep. I finally got up at 5 and completed some house and school-related work. Also taking place today was Romain’s first “economics-related” meeting. He met University of Washington finance professor Jon Karpoff, a good friend (and treasurer of the PSCS board!). Chloe tagged along, too. Not only did Jon treat the two to an Indian food lunch, he showed them around new Paccar Hall on campus where his office is located and offered to provide Romain a more extensive campus tour later this month.


5 thoughts on “Look, it’s Dana (Pt. 2)!

  1. And what claim does the cafe have on Chaco Canyon? I note the bricks, perhaps it is their masonry? It is always a surprise when Chaco Canyon is referenced… have you been there? The stars are truly magnificent.

    Jet lag is a bummer!

    1. A good question, Linda, and one to which I do not know the answer. It may be that Chaco Canyon is dear to the owner. I’m not familiar with it to make a connection through decor or menu, etc. As you might then surmise, I’ve never been to the actual Chaco Canyon, just the lovely restaurant in Seattle that bears its name. 🙂

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