“Non, je ne regrette rien”

Melinda, Ella & I took Romain out tonight for Mexican food in Ballard (the name of the place, I can’t remember, but it’s that authentic Mexican place just off of Market). Chloe was babysitting Bess so missed out. No worries there, however, given she and Romain just reconnected and are about to head out with a group of Chloe’s friends.

We were told it would be at least 30 minutes until our table was ready so I took Romain on a little tour of the neighborhood. We were both excited to go into Bop Street Records, an amazingly huge record store with a tremendous amount of old vinyl. I didn’t know Romain would be so interested. His eyes bugged out, in fact, and just about popped out when he found a stack of Edith Piaf records. He told me he hopes to get a turntable for his 19th birthday and proceeded to buy one of the records he found (see photo).

At the register, I told the clerk that Romain had come all the way to the United States from France in search of Edith Piaf records. He knocked $2 off the price.

Back at home tonight I showed Romain my turntable, whereupon we played his Edith Piaf record, specifically her song “Non, je ne regrette rien.”

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