Meet Bess

Everyone, this is Bess. Bess, meet everyone.

Bess and family (father Malcolm, mother Lara, sister Mae) swung by tonight to say hi and welcome us back to Seattle. The good friends that they are, we were very pleased to see them. You should all be aware that Chloe and Bess have a very special relationship, one built since Bess was a very small girl (she’s much bigger now – more on that subject in a second). Chloe became Bess’s regular babysitter throughout high school.

Bess started piano lessons a couple of months ago and offered to play for us on my great grandfather’s piano. As you can see, Bess has also lost some teeth, six of them. We heard the stories of how each was detached from the inside of her mouth. I think she should write a book.

Now on the subject of growth… It was wonderful to see Bess and Mae (and, okay, Lara & Malcolm, too) because they have changed so much since we last saw them, well over a year ago. You see, Melinda and I were driving through a north Seattle neighborhood earlier this evening and it looked exactly the same, even though we hadn’t seen it in well over a year, either. It was like we had driven through it last week.

So seeing that Bess and Mae had grown so much helped us know we were gone for a long time. In other words, we really did spend 13 months in France. Thanks, Bess!

Your thoughts?

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