Lemonade Stand

I had hoped to get this picture with Chloe in it, along with the three kids she has been watching from 8 until 5 each day this week (and for the rest of the month). But by the time I jogged over, thinking a glass of lemonade would hit the spot in the midst of a 30 minute jog on a sunny summer afternoon in Seattle, they were closing up shop. Apparently the kids had a karate class or something.

From lemonade stand to karate class. That sounds so something… American? Summer-like? I don’t know.

So, yes, Chloe is basically working full time this month, back to nannying and with one of the families she worked with before our year in France. The dad took me aside and told me just how impressed he and his wife are with Chloe’s ability with the kids and her conscientiousness around chores. She later reported she did 5 loads of laundry for them today, also using that as explanation as to why she shouldn’t have to help with tonight’s dinner dishes.

Argh. Can you make my lemonade a lemon drop?

Speaking of dinner, we just had a lovely one with our dear friends Julie and Margaret. Seeing our Seattle friends feels so, so nice.

Your thoughts?

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