Here’s another product I don’t recall seeing in Seattle prior to our living in France. Yes, my French friend Ricard. What I bought in Seattle in the past was Pernod. But, lo and behold, here on the shelf of a Washington State Liquor Store was a bottle of Ricard.

You regular readers will recall my recurrent riddle with repeating the French R with any kind of reassuring realization. This made reiterating rigid words like Ricard a repressive reality for me. One recognition related to our return is my resourcefulness with the English R.

Of the many days in which I reference Ricard on the blog, my favorite comes from October 10. That post is actually a letter to Frédérique, written after Melinda and I had spent the afternoon with the Boudeaus and some of their friends. I was being given French lessons that involved a fair amount of laughing, something that eventually grew into Frédérique saying she was laughing WITH me, not AT me.

Speaking of the Boudeaus, Melinda and I were thrilled to have a Skype session with them today that included carrying my laptop around to show them our house, including Romain’s room. Those Boudeaus, I like them.

2 thoughts on “Ricard

  1. Hi Andy,
    today about your blog you make a link with the blog on the 10th october. this one is so funny and frédérique and me think is perhaps our favourite.This morning when we read it we LAUGHED WITH YOU !

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