I play a lot of mind games with time. For instance, I pinpointed the time tonight that made it exactly 3 weeks ago to the minute from when we got up at the Boudeaus on the day with left Nantes. Then I thought about what I’ll be doing exactly 3 weeks from that moment in the future. It will be 7pm on September 7th. I’ll have returned from the PSCS orientation week retreat, likely tired and ready for a night’s rest.

Earlier today I was writing an email to a friend about aspects of our transition back to Seattle. While writing, I paused and had a bit of a descriptive epiphany. Continuing, I wrote, “Some aspects of this are surprisingly easy, making it feel like we were never gone (or just returned from a week’s vacation). Other aspects are kind of Rip Van Winkle-like, as if we’ve awoken from a year-long sleep and certain things have passed us by. Those are harder, of course.”

As I finished writing that it really hit home how accurate this is for me. I mean I can go outside on our street and everything looks pretty much the same. I can fool myself into thinking that the whole French thing was just a dream, or the creation of my imagination. Then I’ll see one of the young kids in the neighborhood, one for whom a year has meant a tremendous amount of physical growth. That’s when I feel like Rip Van Winkle.

A year ago today we ate hamburgers at Quick in Nantes (today’s picture is actually from that day). Seeing the picture, it doesn’t seem that long ago.

I wonder what I’ll be doing a year from now…

3 thoughts on “Time

  1. Not sure about the benefit of these time games — methinks that way madness lies. Better, I think, to concentrate on those things no matter how small that changed you and give them free rein to become catalyst for further change.

  2. On the otherhand these reflections put into perspective the significance of what you have experienced in France and the impact that has had and always will have on your life – you will go forward with a difference…. yet to be fully determined or realized!

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