PSCS Volunteer Orientation

So it’s just about 10pm and I just got back from facilitating a meeting at PSCS (Puget Sound Community School, where I am the school director) for about 30 prospective volunteers. That’s me explaining how we track attendance in school classes.

About leading the meeting, it was another one of those strange experiences after having been gone a year, like how I reported last night about feeling like we were gone for only a week or slept through an entire year. Aspects of facilitating the meeting rolled from me automatically. Other things, specifically those related to people present tonight who volunteered last year (and I therefore do not know) or procedures put in place last year that are new to me, required a more concentrated effort.

I remember thinking about these kinds of meetings, what it would be like to facilitate them after being gone for a year, before we left. I knew it would be odd but I didn’t give it much attention since it was so far in the future. Besides, there wasn’t really anything to do about it and I trust my ability to both facilitate and to adapt. But it’s just different when for 16 years I was present for everything and always the “go-to” guy.

Say, to learn more about the school’s volunteer program, take a look here.

Your thoughts?

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