Romain’s Final Days in Seattle

Dwight & Michele, Melinda’s parents, invited us all over for an incredible dinner tonight. This, of course, included Melinda’s sister’s family, Brenda & Greg and their daughter, Perrin, as well as the five of us (I count Romain as part of our family unit). I’ve mentioned before that the initial connection between the Shaws and the Boudeaus was through Dwight & Michele having hosted Frédérique (Romain’s mom) years and years ago, before she married Laurent and before she had kids. As you might imagine, it was important to Dwight & Michele to have Romain and the rest of us over for dinner before he leaves on Wednesday.

I got this picture off of Romain’s camera. You may have guessed that that’s Romain with Perrin, as sweet of a picture as you’re going to see. Perrin was very cute with him. When we arrived she was too shy to bisous, but she was willing to do so by the time we left. In fact, she even gave me a bisous as we were leaving!

With Melinda’s and my work responsibilities increasing this week, Dwight & Michele and Brenda & Greg are going to take some time tomorrow and Tuesday to give Romain the last of his Seattle tours. He’s going to have lunch at/on the Space Needle tomorrow with D&M and then B&G are taking him out on Tuesday. Tomorrow afternoon I’ve set him up to visit And after that, he’s taking our gang out to dinner as a thank you for hosting him.

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