Mamma Melina (& Family)

Romain took this picture just as we were heading out this evening for dinner. After nearly 4 weeks with us in Seattle, he insisted that he treat us to a dinner out and suggested Mamma Melina, an Italian restaurant, as the locale. He has heard us talk repeatedly of it, and specifically for two reasons.

One, just as we were leaving for France last July the restaurant was moving from its longtime spot in the University District, not far from Melinda’s parents’ house. The new location is close to our house, on the corner of 25th & Blakely near University Village. They have a swanky new outdoor eating area that has been beckoning us since our return.

Two, every time Melinda sees the restaurant she tells us she is going to drop the “D” from her name and go by “Melina.” In fact, when the girls were younger and we’d drive by the old location, I would start calling her “Mamma Melina.” It just has never stuck.

Regarding that outdoor eating experience we were hoping to have, it was a no-go tonight. It’s been raining on and off all afternoon and evening. Go figure. Rain in Seattle. Still, the meal was excellent and the company divine. Romain was the perfect host, insisting on everyone having whatever they wanted and having us practice how to say thank you in Italian before we left home.

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