Sitting between Melinda and me in this photo is Mia, one of our former students (from last century!!) at PSCS. It’s always so much fun to meet up with former students, seeing how they’ve blossomed as adults. How is it that they’ve gotten old enough to be called adults? To be married? And in some cases (not Mia’s), to have kids?

It’s crazy.

We sat near Mia at the wedding of Sorrel, another of our former students. This was a couple of weeks back, soon after we returned from France. Sorrel and her twin brother Gus were the first students ever enrolled at PSCS so seeing them both, and their parents, recently brought back a flood of memories.

One of these involved Chloe. She was a toddler when PSCS began and was often in the car when we were taking students places. One time, Gus, 13 at the time, kept trying to get her to talk to him. He said, “Say Gus, Chloe. Say Gus.” She sat stoically, saying nothing. Arriving at his house, he hopped out and ran up to his door. Immediately, Chloe said, “Bye, Gus.”

Speaking of Chloe, on Friday we deliver her to college. Does that mean that she, too, is blossoming as an adult?

3 thoughts on “Memories

  1. I should hope you would sit near Melissa…and who is this “we” you speak of that sat near Melissa.

  2. Hahaha…who is Melissa??? Apologies to your long suffering wife, Melinda, near whom you sat.

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