Evoking Memories

I took this picture soon after we returned from France, setting the self-timer on the camera and posing with boxes of some of my favorite French cookies. I brought these back from Nantes and have been very slowly enjoying them, each time savoring not only the cookie but the memory of France eating them evokes. I think of our little grocery store at the end of the block, how much I came to appreciate it’s location. I dubbed it the “pantry,” given it was so close to our house.

On the subject of French foods, Melinda made a point of picking up authentic French croissants for our breakfast last Friday, Chloe’s last breakfast in Seattle before heading off to college. Combined with the Bonne Maman jam, croissants are another incredible way to evoke France memories.

Speaking of French memories, here’s a happy birthday to Romain who is 19 today!!

And changing subjects, today was the first day of school at PSCS. Technically, it’s the first “night” of school, too, considering the students and staff (including me!) are on an overnight retreat right now.

Your thoughts?

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