Ligne 2 Rolls On

We received an email from Laurent today that including a couple of photos, one being this quick shot of our beloved tram, Line 2 (Ligne 2) in Nantes. I doubt Laurent thought his photo would end up on the blog, but I so much appreciated receiving it that I couldn’t resist. I mean I know life has gone on in Nantes without us, but Ligne 2, too? It hasn’t had to close down, mourning our absence? I all but proposed to it (in fact, I think I may have back on March 15th).

The other photo sent by Laurent was of a band playing at Les Rendez-vous de l’Erdre, the city-wide jazz festival that takes place each year at this time in Nantes. We absolutely loved it last year, attending several days with Laurent and Frédérique. You can see what I had to say about on Day 60 last year.

Getting emails like this and looking back at my blog entries provides me with such a warm feeling. What an incredible experience we had, the kind of thing that we’ll be referencing for the rest of our lives.

And at the rate I’m going, I might be doing that right here on the blog…

2 thoughts on “Ligne 2 Rolls On

  1. How I enjoyed the adventures of the Shaw/Smallman famille!!

    Sort of disappointing that you’re home…in the literary sense. I still have you on my toolbar.

    All the best back in Seattle!

    Pam thomas

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