Room Makeover

With Ella now in high school, she felt it was time for a makeover of her room. Gone are the yellow walls she had for several years. In is a combination of off-white and a shade of gray. Other memorabilia of the younger Ella is being packed up. In is coming both some newer things and a few “new” pieces of memorabilia.

As has been the custom in our house, if walls need painting, Melinda takes on the project. Color assistance came from Melinda’s sister, Brenda, as did a series of room design suggestions complete with sketches Brenda sent to Ella by email. This resulted in a red chair being taken out and a purple chair being brought in, as well as a taller dresser being moved out and a wider dresser being moved in.

Me, I just try to stay out of the way.

Which reminds of a cartoon I remember seeing for years on the refrigerator in my brother’s house. It was of a man banging a can on the kitchen counter, a can opener in easy reach. The caption read something to the effect of, “The less you show what you can do, the less you have to do.”

4 thoughts on “Room Makeover

  1. Unsurprisingly I have the same strategy. In our first house before the kids I was recruited by my wife to lay a new carpet we got from my boss in the living room. In preparation I decided we needed to secure some loose floorboards. I managed to pound in a few and then heard a small hissing sound. Ear close to the floor I decided that the sound was coming from beneath the floor where I had put in the last floorboard nail. Realizing that the sound was not a good sign I yanked up the floorboard and the noise became very loud. Apparently, I had managed to put the spike through a gas pipe and out the other side.

    Long story short, after the fire brigade visited with three tenders, I was banned from DIY forever.

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