PSCS 2011-12

This picture and post is directed at our friends in France, specifically the Bertail and Boudeau families, both of whom I hope/think will find this interesting.

Today’s photo (click on it to enlarge it) is of the entire 2011-12 PSCS student body and all of the staff, minus Melinda. The picture was taken on Wednesday afternoon, just moments before we climbed onto a yellow school bus for our 30 minute return trip to catch a ferry back to Seattle and after a night of little sleep. All things considered, I think we look pretty good.

I’m in the front row on the left in a red shirt, relaxing on my left elbow. Ella is smack-dab in the middle in the row behind me, a nice smile on her face. Okay, maybe she is slightly to the left of being in the middle.

Melinda isn’t pictured because she did not attend the retreat, left behind to take care of things back at the school site. Poor Melinda, right? She got to sleep in a nice comfy bed at home (instead of in a sleeping bag on an mat in a cabin with a large, loud group of adolescents). Yes, please pity Melinda.

To Théo — Word has it that you are reading this blog every day. That’s great! Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to try to connect in with PSCS.

Your thoughts?

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