Scarf Drawer

So I mentioned recently that Ella’s room has been re-done. New paint colors, new furniture, new bed covers, etc. It’s all very exciting and Ella is very pleased.

One new piece of furniture Ella has is a chest of drawers (what I grew up calling a “dresser” — is there any difference?). After she had finished moving her clothes from her old “dresser” to the new one, she called me in and pointed out her “scarf drawer.” I was taken by this as a concept and snapped this picture.

A big part of why I was taken by the existence of a scarf drawer as a concept is because I’m convinced such a thing would not exist in Ella’s newly designed room had we not lived in France for a year. As much as the teen years change people, including the moving of most of the stuffed animals from the bed to the basement, I think the presence of something like a scarf drawer is less about getting older and more about getting something else.

A broadened definition of culture, perhaps?

Your thoughts?

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