I didn’t drive a car for almost 13 months, the longest stretch (by far) in which I haven’t driven since I became a permitted driver when I was 15 years-old back in 1978. While in France I made a point of not driving, really wanting to experience a year of relying on public transportation for our day-to-day getting around. This was a great experience.

I’ve been curious to see what it would be like returning to a more driving-focused mentality in Seattle. First, we were fortunate in that Melinda’s parents, Dwight & Michele, agreed to sell to us their Subaru at a great price, meaning we not only got a super deal on a car but had a dependable one waiting for us upon our return. Getting behind the wheel the first time I wondered if it would all come back naturally.

Let me just say that driving a car is like riding a bike.

In some ways this has been very pleasing. In other ways, it’s kind of disappointing, and in an odd sort of way. It’s like if I had a hard time resuming driving it would have made the year in France more significant because it would have had an impact on something so base as driving.

Funny, I know.

One thought on “Driving

  1. Ah, you should not be disappointed as your experience in France has impacted so many other much more basic things in your life. Be glad that you did not get rusty driving and were now unsafe to be on the roads, or that not working for a year made you a less effective administrator, or not being around your extended family made you less responsive as a son or brother. Smile and be happy! One of these days you will feel like I do, that I hate having to drive on super highways and busy clogged city streets to get everywhere. I long to live in a place where I can walk and take public transportation!

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