Busy Day!

This photo is from exactly one year ago today. I’m using it because it’s been such a busy day that I haven’t had time to get a new photo. As we drove home tonight, I said to Melinda that we left for school over 13 hours earlier. We had the typical school day, 9-3:30, followed by a staff meeting, 3:45-5:45, and then a parent orientation meeting, 6-8:30. By the time we were in the car on the way home it was 9:30.

Now let me just say, it was a great day. First, I love school days because I get to work with kids in an environment that allows me to be myself. Second, I work with fantastic people which makes having staff meetings fun. And third, I thoroughly enjoy being “on” with the parents, especially when it comes to explaining PSCS in the deepest ways, which I got to do tonight.

In other words, a busy AND great day.

Still, it’s quite strange to consider what we were doing a year ago today. I remember it well. It was a beautiful day in Nantes, both from a weather standpoint and due to the fact that we were granted permission to stay in France.

Your thoughts?

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