So when I was a little kid living in Nebraska in the 60’s and early 70’s, about once a year my family would travel to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin to visit my paternal grandparents. I have many memories of these trips, including my grandmother’s homemade rolls, evenings playing cards, and looking at slideshows put together by my grandfather. One of the most vivid of these memories, however, has to do with my dad having a Leinenkugel’s. What’s a Leinenkugel’s? A beer, of course, and one made in Chippewa Falls.

Learn more here and here.

Melinda, Ella and I went over to my parent’s place on Friday night, having received a call from my mom that they could use some help getting some boxes out of their storage spot. Just two and a half weeks removed from his pacemaker implant, my dad is not supposed to be lifting and moving boxes. We were pleased to help out, especially when my dad offered me a Leinenkugel’s. Apparently one does not have to go all the way to Chippewa Falls these days. He bought a 6 pack at Fred Meyer.

You astute photo-lookers will notice what’s on the TV in the background. That’s right, horse racing. My dad has a cable channel that lets him watch horse races from all over the country, including those from Emerald Downs.

I hear those wheels in your head turning, thinking something like, “He’s got Leinenkugel’s and horse racing? Why would he ever need to leave home??”

Your thoughts?

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