Stacey & Duncan

It’s 10:30pm as I write, later than I typically post. That’s because Melinda & I just returned from having had dinner with our friends Stacey & Duncan, pictured with us here (in fact, this picture was taken less than an hour ago, if that interests you). Duncan is the Vice President of the PSCS Board of Trustees. He was instrumental in making the sabbatical happen, given his role as a member of the sabbatical planning team. He was also profoundly important in a behind-the-scene capacity during our absence, taking care of some very important business for the school. Like most board members, his contributions often go unnoticed.

Back in April, Duncan & Stacey were married and Melinda & I were sorry to miss the ceremony. It was very sweet of Stacey to mention tonight that they credit PSCS for them having met. The daughter of a good friend of Stacey’s attends PSCS. That, combined with Duncan’s role on the board and his involvement as a volunteer teacher at times, is what contributed to it happening. But I have a hunch they would have met anyway. They have that lovely kind of feel best summarized by the expression, “They’re meant for each other.”

So tonight’s dinner was to show our appreciation for Duncan’s efforts on behalf of PSCS and our family, as well as to have a little celebration of his and Stacey’s wedding. We went to a little Italian restaurant called Cantinetta in the Wallingford neighborhood.

Your thoughts?

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