Senator, That’s No Mousse…

Every couple uses certain phrases and nicknames, a sort of language unique to you and your partner as well as to those you let into the “inner circle.” Among the favorite references for Melinda and me dates back to a fantastic moment in a 1988 American Vice Presidential debate. It was the young buck Dan Quayle, running mate to eventual winner George Bush (the first one), up against elder statesman Lloyd Bentsen, running mate to Michael Dukakis.

Now Quayle was young and inexperienced, and the moderator asked a question about his qualifications to assume the presidency should he and Bush be elected and something happen to Bush. Quayle, not the quickest thinker on the planet, compared himself to John F. Kennedy. Bentsen kind of stared Quayle down for a second before saying, “Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.” Go take a look. It’s worth the 30+ seconds.

Anyway, now any time something doesn’t measure up to our personal standards, Melinda or I will say, “Senator, that’s no…”

I came home from the grocery store tonight with this “pudding.” Neither Melinda, Ella nor I were willing to finish one.

“Senator, I’ve eaten chocolate mousse. I know chocolate mousse. Chocolate mousse is a friend of mine. Senator, that’s no chocolate mousse.”

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