Deb & Jutta

It’s 10:30 on a Saturday night, a beautiful, balmy one in Seattle in late September. Melinda and I just returned from having a beer with our friends, Deb & Jutta in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. We went to the Stumbling Monk, which serves excellent Belgium beers on tap.

Deb worked as a teacher at PSCS for 7 years before stepping down to help Jutta begin her private physical therapy practice. In fact, this picture was taken under the sign at their business, Central Physical Therapy & Fitness, just a few minutes ago, a short walk from the pub (and where we parked our cars).

Having a beer with Deb & Jutta is one of those things we imagined in France we’d do once we got back to Seattle. Spending time with good friends, just hanging out, enjoying conversation. It’s so basic, right? As you get busy raising kids and working hard, sometimes these things fall through the cracks. Interestingly, one of the last things we did before leaving for France was have a beer with Deb & Jutta. Except that time we were celebrating the opening of their new clinic. Standing under their sign tonight was a good thing.

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