Chloe & Ella

Here they are, Chloe and Ella, in today’s picture. You may be saying that Chloe, there on the left, looks a little different than in some of the other photos I’ve posted here. Long dark hair, for one. Since when did Chloe have long dark hair?

Okay already. Sitting with Ella in Chloe’s room (Chloe, as in Ella’s sister) is one of Ella’s best friends, a girl whose name just so happens to be Chloe. This particular Chloe, the one with long dark hair, came over tonight for dinner and is spending the night. And I was getting a big kick out of the idea of taking a picture of the four of us, Melinda, Ella, me, and long dark haired Chloe, and posting about it here on the blog.

I especially liked the idea of having this picture be taken in Chloe’s room (I’m referring to the room in which Ella’s sister, Chloe, grew up). I can just imagine Ella’s sister (Chloe) reading today’s blog post while up there in Canada at Quest University and worrying that she’d been replaced by another Chloe, one with long dark hair..

It could happen, you know.

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