Traffic Cams

At about 10 this morning while responding to some email at school, I came across a message that connected me to the website listing the traffic cameras in Nantes. Not having the discipline (apparently) to keep myself from being distracted by it, I clicked on it and then took a couple of minutes to see a couple of the views. I quickly took this screenshot and got back to work.

10am in Seattle is 7pm in Nantes so this photo, superimposed over the traffic map, shows that it was a beautiful evening in Nantes. I later learned from Melinda that it was quite hot in Nantes, here on the last day of September, Melinda having learned this from Christine, who called her today (at almost the exact moment I was looking at the Nantes traffic cam website from work – that’s interesting or eery or something).

This photo is near the Line 2 tram stop of Le Cardo. On the left of the photo is Line 2 of the tram, itself, caught by the camera just as it was heading off the screen. Straight ahead along the road is the Biocoop (health food store) where we shopped and a McDonalds. It always struck me as funny that these were next door to each other. Le Cardo is not far at all from Leclerc.

It is so pleasing to look at these traffic cams. It’s like validation that Nantes is still there. Truth be told, from Nantes I sometimes looked at the traffic cams in Seattle.

That’s right. I’m a nut.

Your thoughts?

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